Thursday, February 15, 2007


STOP! This isn't actually a good idea. Whilst there may be some water crystal products that are ok for wrestling, the one we used wasn't. Some kids had a mild rash on their legs the next day (not good). If you try something like this please consult the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) first. Even then, be careful (the MSDS for the product we used said it was not a skin irritant!).

This post isn’t some deep analysis of cultural or theological concepts, it’s just jelly – and lots of it.

Last week we had a jelly night, and it worked really well. Jelly relays, jelly wrestling, jelly fights. You can see some photos on the youth group site.

So here’s the secret of a good jelly night: water crystals.

Water crystals are much cheaper than real jelly (I got 2.5kg of crystals off ebay for $38 delivered. That’s enough for 200L of jelly). You don’t need a fridge to set them (just add water a few hours in advance), and they don’t melt when you wrestle in them.


David said...

looks like a great night!!

that's a bit of jelly...

your youth site looks great... simple... and effective.

good job.

David said...

hey tim...
hope you don't get fired in your first couple of months at nowra!!!