Friday, May 18, 2007

Youth Ministry Podcasting

Dave Mires, fellow author on this blog is featured in this months Southern Cross (Anglican newspaper of the Sydney Diocese). The article has some comments and helpful thoughts from Dave, and a few others about using 'new media' to support evangelical youth ministry. It's worth a read (and I'm looking forward to Dave maybe sharing some more of his thoughts in this area. Hint hint Dave.)


David said...

thanks for the link. good call on the hint... more coming soon!

David said...

by the way - that article says that I'm against myspace.

not true

i think that myspace is neutral - it's neither good nor bad.
people do good things on there
people do bad things on there

teenagers are part of that world....
what i want to teach them is that they need to use myspace for good (ultimately to glorify God) and avoid bad stuff.

we've got a stack of our youth who have pages... it's been good to help them think about the content they have on their site - and also help them think through how to maintain privacy etc.