Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What people are doing online

This is a helpful graph from business week (click image to make it bigger). It shows the way in which different generations are using the web. (H/t marko)

The implications for youth ministry in Australia (assuming that the AUS figures are similar to the US figures above) are that we cannot ignore the web. Here's two to start:
  1. We need to teach our teenagers how to be Christian on the Internet. How they can use it for good rather than bad and how they can point people to Jesus.
  2. Our youth ministries need to have an active presence online which will help with number 1 above.


David said...

here's another.

design still matters.

such a small number are currently using RSS feeds etc... by all means we need to be RSS enabled - but if we have ugly sites - people won't return.


Tim Roediger said...

Very helpful graph Dave. It clearly presents the same trends I've read in several other reports.

I agree with your three implications for Christian youth ministry.

1. Being Christian online - I think the key here is integrity. We must teach our kids to maintain their Christian identiy in both the online and offline world.

2. What would you do first to have an active presence online, particularly if you are a small youth group? Maybe first a website/blog. Second, make sure the info on the website/blog is always fresh. Third, have a presence in social networking sites myspace/friendster/bebo. Fourth share rich content your youth group produces online through flickr/youtube/iTunes. Fifth, share resources that can encourage and strengthen other youth ministies such as J-Mag or Youth Vanguard.

3. I hate ugly sites. Most people do. If you need help doing site design don't be ashamed to ask, it's a fairly common skill these days.

Tim Roediger said...

Sorry I meant J-Walk magazine not J-Mag.

David said...

i think if i were a small youth group - i'd hit myspace first (b4 dedicated site)

that is providing the local peeps are already there.

Tim Roediger said...

Dave, you might be right about hitting myspace first. But I think a dedicated site is fairly easy to get going, particularly if you use the services of Blogger or Wordpress like we've done with our youth group site (

David said...

but i do wonder if myspace is likely to get more hits (again - that's if that's where the kids are hanging)

a good thing about our dedicated site is contact with parents too. they are unlikely to go to myspace (although they should to check their kid out)