Thursday, August 02, 2007

Think before you post

(h/t Tim)


David said...

these vids are helpful

CJ said...

these vids are really great. we actually used them in the talks at both our junior and senior youth groups last friday.

we tackled the issue of living as a christian in an online world - a topic that is incredibly relevant to our youth, but one which we hadn't taught on before.

the talks were based around luke 11:33-36, and seemed to have a positive response from the kids. quite a few of our youth kids have already gone and made changes to their myspace pages as a result. Praise God!

if anyone is interested you can listen to the talks in the media library section of the st matts youth website. (The junior talk is under Club 78, and the senior one under Friday Night Live)

David said...

good stuff cj.

i had a few points of application in talks at our youth camp in april on myspace etc.

i equated a myspace page with your bedroom wall. back in my day you could tell a lot about a person by what they put on their wall.

it was exciting to see lots of people tighten up their sites... and it seems to still be happening.

Anonymous said...

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