Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Australian Youth Facts and Stats

Here's an awesome research tool for writing and thinking about Christian youth ministry in the Australian context. It is a website called Australian Youth Facts and Stats put together by the Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies. Whenever a significant academic study into some aspect of youth in Australia is released the people to the following very helpful things:

  • Explain who did the study and why

  • Give you a summary of the main findings

  • Link to more detailed stuff about the study, and link to the study itself if it is available online.

  • Link to newspaper articles that have referenced the study

They also categorise all the material for easy access. Of particular interest is the Religion & spirituality section.


1 comment:

David Miers said...

thanks for this tim.

i was made aware of the gen y study from monash earlier on this week... got some good stats and figures in it.