Friday, November 10, 2006

Youthworks Youth Ministry Conference 06

The following is copied from an email from Youthworks. For more details on this conference click here. Who is planning on going?

Just letting you know that REGISTRATION IS CLOSING SOON. Final registration for the Youth Ministry Conference closes Nov 22. So now is the time to talk to your team and get booked in.

  • Jodie McNeill (Youthworks)
  • Scott Petty (Christ Church St Ives)
  • Andrew Cameron (Moore College)
  • Stu Crawshaw (Gymea Anglican)
  • James Fong (Youthworks) will be speaking at the dinner on Monday Night
  • Connecting with God’s People - Where does Christian community fit within our increasingly individualistic culture?
  • Connecting within God’s People - How do we see youth in the bigger picture of the church community and the dangers of being lost in transition from one group to the next.
  • Mission in a Disconnected World - There are thousands of youth in every suburb who do not know Jesus. How do we connect with these youth in a God honouring way? More importantly how do we help them connect with Jesus?
  • Right and Wrong in a Disconnected World - How do youth today understand the concept of morality and how should we respond in our youth ministries?
  • Connecting for Eternity - Exploring the importance of helping young people become mature Christians, with deep roots that can withstand the turmoil and temptations of life.
WORKSHOPS - Practical workshops to help you work through different areas of your ministry.
  • Creating Focus and Flow at youth group
  • Using Music
  • Conflict Resolution
  • School Ministry
  • Teaching times
  • Discipline
  • Where to Next?
FORUMS - The forums are an open discussion on issues facing Youth Ministers and leaders.
  • Volunteers- Serving in a Time Starved Life
  • Starting out- Surviving and Growing in the first 3 years
  • Veterans- Dealing with Baldness, cellulite and the Long Haul
REVIVE will be encouraging us with the music and playing some of their new stuff.

1) Go to and register online
2) Go to, download the brochure and fax/ mail it in.
3) Call 8268 3388 and ask Julie to send you a brochure or book over the phone
To Find out more go to


David Miers said...

i'll be there.
haven't registered yet.
looking forward to it.
have found the last 2 year very good.

Tim Roediger said...

Unfortunately I won't be there this year (moving house, starting new job stuff). However, I would second Dave's comment that it has been a great conference the past two years. It's worth going.

By the way, the conference is aimed at youth leaders. It's particularly good if a group of leaders can come together and afterward think about what they learnt and how they might apply it to their home youth group.

CJ said...

I'll be there. Haven't been to one before, but looking forward to it. The line-up looks pretty good too. I think a few youth leaders from our church are going.

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