Monday, January 22, 2007

Google Searches that have lead here #1

Tim has made a couple of posts recently - I'm warming up ready for some youth vanguard action in February - and we have some new contributors joining us shortly. But in the last couple of weeks the following search terms were used to stumble upon this site:
  • national youth affairs conference
  • vanguard youth
  • emo youth today
  • label/australia registration
  • how youth become mature christians
  • tim young youth pastor vanguard
  • youth as vanguard
  • vanguard evangelism
  • newspaper articles with the word vanguard
  • older emo's
  • the real thingyouthworks
  • youth ministries connecting with god
If you have stumbled here via google - feel free to leave comments...
If you don't know anything about Jesus, check this out.

1 comment:

Tim Roediger said...

Given that the blog doesn't generate many hits (which is fine, we're not aiming for a big audience), I'm not surprised that there's a few rather esoteric searches in that list.

This one is fairly specific: "older emo's". I wonder how many people over sixty would class themselves as emo?

What was this person doing: "newspaper articles with the word vanguard". A doctorate in the use of the word vanguard in modern media communications?

And I'd rekon this person was looking for me, "tim young youth pastor vanguard". They thought I was young! Isn't that nice.