Monday, January 15, 2007

Update - National Youth Affairs Conference 2007

I mentioned this conference in a post late last year because I thought it would be great for a few evangelical youth ministers to go. Since then more information about the conference has been released, some of it good news and some of it bad news.

The good news is that there has been lots of interest. Over 250 abstracts have been submitted for presentation. As a result the conference has been extended from two days to three days.

The bad news is that it is insanely expensive. The conference costs $220 per day. Yes you read that right: $220 PER DAY. And that doesn't include any transport or accommodation. Unfortunately it's too expensive for me, so I won't be going myself.

So I want to ask you: what's a reasonable price for a convention?


David said...

bit expensive... maybe the conference expects the organisations that people are representing to pay for the costs... so it's probably not super expensive compared to other corporate type of gigs.

Graham Stanton said...

I just got back from the iasym conference in Cambridge UK - four days for 200 pounds. Which in humble Australian Dollars is about $500! With airfares as well it made the conference a far more challenging financial prospect for us colonials than for those who just popped down the M1 or flew Ryannair from the continent.

Was it worth it? I'll definitely go again... and might consider asking the association to think about the impact of airfares on conference costs for next time!

Tim Roediger said...

Hey Graham, great to see you dropped by.

$500AU for the IASYM conference, that's not cheap either.

Like David said, I think lots of those going to the conference in Melbourne will be sponsored by government departments or universities.

-bw said...

IASYM works out about $125/day. I think that's an ok price to pay. I would expect to pay up to $150/day for a conference.
It is all relative really. Depends on income, work status, etc.